Jungmin William Hovis walks through life with joy, grace, hope, and most of all, with love.  In twelve short years Will played almost every known sport, hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim, played the trumpet, whitewater rafted, snowboarded, snorkeled, surfed, fished, crabbed, and did a thousand other wonderful things a kid can do.  In short, Will has LIVED.  But more important than what Will has done over the past 12 years is the way he has done it - most humbly, with grace, kindness, and an absolute joy for everything life has to offer.  His smile, laugh, and love infects everyone around him.  

In January 2019 Will was diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare, aggressive, and mostly terminal form of brain cancer.  Over the next year Will endured radiation, chemotherapy, two brain surgeries, and two clinical trials - all with an almost unexplainable positive attitude and the utmost courage.  A letter from his 5th grade teacher described him perfectly:   

"I want to tell you very sincerely that I loved having Will in my class last year. He very truly brought sunshine with him from the very first day he walked in the class. Some kids are just like that. What was truly remarkable, days and weeks and months after his treatments started, was that he STILL brought sunshine with him into the classroom. Despite everything he goes through, it is in his nature to pick up the people around him." 

To honor our son Will

As Will's parents it is our greatest honor to walk through his life with him, to be at his side in times of joy and sorrow, and to witness his incredible, unwavering spirit. For the rest of our lives we will try to Walk Like Will. I know we won't do it as gracefully or as effortlessly as he does, but we will try.  

A fellow parent of a child with glioblastoma recently shared how her family still celebrates her son's birthday - in essence by doing something nice for someone in need. So inspired by her idea, we invite everyone reading this to do something nice for someone on Will's birthday, October 20th. Bring them a gift, send a card, donate to a cause you believe in - whatever it is, big or small - help us celebrate his birthday by showing someone the compassion, joy, grace, and kindness that Will embodies every day.