News and Events

Will Hovis Crush Award

Thank you so much to the Crush Soccer Team for honoring Will with an award in his name and many congratulations to Christopher Moga who received it!  From the Crush coaches Ranjit, Ed, and Geoff… “I am honored to announce that at the end of our Spring 2022 season, we are awarding the career "Will Hovis Crush award" to Will's co-captain, Christopher Moga. The Will Hovis award is for a player who embodies the commitment, hard work, leadership and contribution to the team. We challenged players all season to live up to the ideals embodied in this award, and in their own way every one of them did at different points in the season.”

Our family is so touched that the Crush put this together and just wanted to share the words from Christopher and a picture of the award: "I am very honored to get this award. Will represented to me what character traits a great soccer player has: Fearless, Strong, Fast, Hard Working, and he knew how to have fun while leading the team. I have really enjoyed playing with the team throughout the years. I have had so much fun and appreciate everyone putting up with my orders on the field. I still think of me and Will as the Co-Captains." - Christopher

Walk Like Will Summer Camp Scholarships at Calleva

We are once again so happy to partner with Calleva to award two weeks of outdoor camp for the Walk Like Will scholarship. This year the awards were given to a 4th grade girl and a 2nd grade boy. I would like to share something one of the camper's mom wrote and say I am so grateful that she spent time finding out about Will:  "My son has the spirit of Will because he enjoys the outdoors, though has not yet had the opportunity to experience all that Will had done in his 12 short years! The letter to Will's deceased grandfather shows many similarities but also differences.... my son has a similar positive attitude that Will had. It would be an honor to receive such a scholarship from a family who memorializes their beloved son so.
I hope both campers enjoy Calleva as much as Will did!

Happy 14th Birthday Will

For Will's 14th Birthday on October 20th we once again gave out 14 adorable turtles to help spread some "Walk Like Will" spirit.  Thank you to all who wrote to us and let us know how much the turtle meant to them - we hope it brought a little joy into your day.  And speaking of joy, one of Will's friends brought us a whole bunch of joy by holding a fundraiser in Will's honor during the month of October.  We are so happy to share his letters! 

Will's Celebration of Life  

On Sept. 2, 2021 we had a beautiful and moving celebration for Will at a spot he loved and visited often, Brookside Gardens.  We are very grateful for the messages our friends and family shared during the ceremony, messages that brought comfort, peace, and love to our hearts.  Thanks to Samantha Levy and Scott Walterman, the celebration was filmed, and is uploaded in five parts:  
" The choice to live, that is a gift"

2021 Walk and Race for Hope

On Sunday May 2 the National Brain Tumor Society held the first virtual Walk and Race for Hope.  The event raised over a million dollars to help cure brain cancer, and Team Walk Like Will raised over $4,500 - way to go Team WLW!!  Thank you to everyone who joined, donated, or bought a shirt - it all went to help put an end to brain cancer! 

Soccer Festival to Honor Will

On April 9, 2021 our dear friends and Will's soccer coaches organized an evening of soccer and fun events to remember and honor Will.  It was a wonderful event where both kids and adults showed off their soccer skills, and naturally the kids all outdid their parents in the kid v. parent soccer game.  We know Will was right there with us in spirit, and most likely channeled Jerry to make one of the only two goals the parents managed to score :)  It was a beautiful event and gave us the chance to honor and remember Will and his soccer prowess.  Thank you so much to Geoff Chalmers, Patrick Halley, Ed Boyce, Shan Maitra, Ranjit Thomas, and the Lilabean Foundation, and to all who participated in this fabulous event.  And of course thank you to Will's teammates and friends who presented us with a signed soccer ball and a great tribute to Will. Check out the gallery below to see the pics - taken by Samantha Levy, Will and Sophie's good friend and a fantastic photographer! 

This non-profit is dedicated to curing pediatric cancer by donating 100% of proceeds to fund early-phase research at leading pediatric cancer institutions.  Their cookies are made by Pacific Cookie Company, a family-owned bakery in Santa Cruz, CA, and they are big and very, very delicious.  Their newest is the Walk Like Will Rainbow Cookie.  Send someone a box or treat yourself - they will make anyone very happy :)  We have designated all proceeds from Walk Like Will Rainbow cookies go to research on pediatric brain cancer.  

Open Heart Vases

We are honored that Park Florist will be selling Open Heart Vases at their store in Takoma Park, Maryland. Thank you so much to owners Jeanne and Dennis Ha for featuring the vases among your gorgeous arrangements - your store is truly spectacular. 

The vases pictured here have dried flowers but all vases have a glass insert that can hold a few fresh flowers.  All proceeds from the vases will be donated to pediatric brain cancer research.

WLW Calleva Summer Camp Scholarship

Congratulations to Ava and Xavier Gilbert, awarded the first two Walk Like Will Calleva Summer Camp Scholarships!  Ava and Xavier both love the outdoors, climbing trees, rock scrambling, and want to learn how to fish and swim.  We know they are going to love Calleva!  

We are thrilled to partner with in Maryland to offer summer camp scholarships for kids ages 8 – 12. Calleva was Will’s absolute favorite camp, and I know he would be so happy to help other kids delight in nature and the outdoors like he did at Calleva.

The application period for summer 2021 is closed, but we plan to continue this partnership well into the future so please check out to learn more about Walk Like Will and other scholarship opportunities at Calleva.

WLW Memorial Benches

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Sophie’s fundraiser for memorial benches in honor of her brother. The benches are absolutely beautiful, and very comfortable! They were made in Utah at Smith Steelworks and are at their “homes” in Highland
View Elementary School and Daleview Pool.

Have a Bao

On December 12th we held Have a Bao, in honor of one of Will’s favorite foods – bulgogi. Thank you to all who Had a Bao, and also to Jenny, Carly, and Deb, who helped out behind the scenes. From the sale of over 250 homemade bulgogi bao’s we donated over $1,500 to the lilabeanfoundation to help families dealing with the financial impacts of Covid on top of having a child with brain cancer. Our hearts go out to these families.  

Will's Birthday & Turtles

Will's 13th birthday on October 20th was obviously very hard, but our friends and family made it a little easier by chalking our street with birthday wishes and lining our walkway with 13 candles at night. Thank you all so much - it means the world to us. We also had our own tribute by giving 13 of his friends Walk Like Will turtles that they could give to someone in need of a little "Will" spirit!   See the turtles and where they ended up!