Walking Each Other Home

Today, October 20th, is William’s 13th birthday. Happy Birthday to my beautiful, wonderful son. You gave our family the gift of a lifetime, and how I love and cherish the 12 years we got to spend with you. Though you are not physically here to celebrate your birthday, I know you are off having a wonderful day doing things you love with new friends and family that welcomed you on to your next journey.

Today will be hard, as I believe the place you should be is here with us – physically here with us. But I have accepted that can’t be – at least for now. So I will keep what a friend recently said close to my heart today – that here on earth we are all just walking each other home. I love that. Wherever that home is – the idea is beautiful enough to get me through today.

In honor of your birthday Will we decided to have 13 Walk Like Will ceramic turtles made, to help us remember to slow down and really appreciate each moment that we have in our life. Over the weekend we gave them to your friends so that they could pass them on to someone who could use some Walk Like Will spirit in their life. I hope they were a nice surprise for all who received them. Just for fun we made a map of where the turtles ended up. And even though they are made of clay, I can’t help but think about them walking someone home, helping them through sorrow and celebrating all the joy that fills their life.

13 TurtlesJPG
turtle twojpgpng
turtle debs mom 1jpeg

Where are the turtlesjpg