I know that the day you died William our family shattered. Little pieces of us scattered everywhere, far from each other and very alone. I know when you died Will that our hearts were broken, leaving a hole that can never be filled. I know that Jerry, Sophie, and I will never, ever be the same. I know that it is not fair that you aren't here, and life without you sometimes seems like more than I can bear. I miss you every second of every day and I love you always. 

This vase, once shattered into little pieces, was put back together with love in your honor Will. It will never be the same perfectly smooth white vase that could hold whatever was placed inside. It can never be what it once was.

But it's imperfections have created something different, perhaps even beautiful. There are new cracks where I hope light can filter through. There are new colors that show the grace in something that is broken. And there is a hole in the vase, because there were just too many tiny pieces to glue back together. That hole reminds me to live with my heart open, like you always did Will. I will do my best to honor you until we meet again.